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Words of Hope

The Eternal Son (Alertha Statia-Glasgow)

Monday April 12th was the third day of the ash fall, it was also the first time in two days that the rays of the sun were able to penetrate the blanket of ash that had darkened the Island...

One Day We Shall Rise! (Jamal Yearwood)

One day we shall rise, temptation a thing of a past life.

Reminders from God (Lee Ann Brancker)

On the morning of Monday, April 12, 2021, after two full days of Barbados experiencing the dust and ash fall from the eruptions of the La Soufriere volcano in St. Vincent, I looked through my window and saw a most beautiful sight.

A Tiny Nail (Katie Riley)

The morning of the 7th April, 2021, began like most days for me, with my usual walk.

God Is Still In Control (Jamal Yearwood)

Written with our sister islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in our prayers as they face the uncertainties of the La Soufriere volcanic eruption.

God's love is like... (Alertha Statia-Glasgow)

Women have been wearing girdles throughout the centuries. A girdle is a support garment that is worn under women's clothes to smooth and shape their figures, therefore giving them a level of confidence in their appearance.

God's Matchless Love (Lee Ann Brancker)

God's love is like a circle You don't see its beginning or its end If you're looking for lasting love His to you I recommend.

STOP, Keep Still and Wait On The Lord (Katie Riley)

Often we are so busy trying to make a living that we forget to live. We focus on work, school, bills, food, clothes, things for the house, car, making ourselves look good, making our children happy; we are constantly on the move.

Last Resort And A Shirt (Valmay Younge)

As I took up this one shirt and placed it on the ironing board, I discovered to my horror that there were two brown spots at the front, left side of the shirt. I sighed as I wondered what I should do next.

God Sent (Jamal Yearwood)

The nature of God is overwhelming. God went beyond all expectations and sent His family to draw us closer to Him.