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Student Enhancement Series

Posted on Sep 13 2022

September 09, 2022 - Amid the many challenges that we faced this school year, God has been and continues to be faithful. Each day we are afforded the opportunity to collaborate with Him in the unified work of Education and Redemption: each day we are presented with experiences and prospects of God working to move us and our students one step closer to His restored image in us.

This summer, a new opportunity for such growth for some of our students came through the programme called the Study Enhancement Series: Mathematics. The programme was the brainchild of Dr. Natalie Greaves (Programme Coordinator, MPhil/PhD In Public Health And Epidemiology, ChairFaculty, Entrepreneurship Committee, UWI) and Mrs. Kim Lynch (Guidance Counsellor, Ministry of Education), parents of students in Form 2.1, and was intended to provide the students with the chance to improve their study skills by focusing on God and their God given abilities.

Beginning on July 19, 2022 and continuing until July 29, 2022, the Study Enhancement Series was characterized by devotions that focused on God's guidance, God's creativity and how God expects us to engage in critical thinking as we make choices. Day 1 of the series began with a devotional thought by Ps. David Walkes, where he focused on their need for seeking God's guidance in making wise choices. The Principal, Ms. A. Alleyne, gave words of encouragement during her opening remarks and she invited the students to take full advantage of such opportunities by using them as building blocks in their development.

Self-development sessions further formed the backbone of the series and students were exposed to information that helped them to discover their personal learning styles, the importance of having recreational hobbies. and the importance of time management and how to practise it. Sessions included how to care for the mind/emotions, how to take notes in class and how to prepare for and take multiple choice tests. We were blessed to have various parents facilitate these sessions for us and we want to thank Ms. Lydia Worrell (Registered Counselling Psychologist), Mrs. Kim Lynch, Dr. Arthur Phillips (Senior Medical Officer of Health - Non Communicable Diseases, Ministry of Health and Wellness), Mr. Samuel Bowen (Senior Tutor, Division of Technology, BCC), Dr. Natalie Greaves, and Mrs. Andrea Hoyte (Director of Womens' and Children's Ministries, ECC) for giving of themselves and their time to assist us in this venture.

Additionally, the students were given the opportunity to hone their Mathematical skills. In some instances, work was reviewed and in other instances new topics were presented but each topic was aligned with the content on the Conquer Math platform. As such, the students were encouraged to use the platform to reinforce the concepts that were presented during their Mathematics sessions. For these sessions we would like to thank Mr. Anthony Boyce (Retired Mathematics Teacher) and Mrs. Angela Bushell-Skeete (Retired Principal), two of the students former teachers, for joining us and working with the students. We are also grateful for the assistance of Mrs. Shonette Bowen (Senior Manager - Pensions and Benefits, FCIB) who gave of her time in guiding the students through one of the Math topics that we studied.

Workshop in session

It is intriguing to listen students' feedback and to hear their thoughts. This experience did not skip over the voices of the students and it was enlightening to hear how they perceived the 2-week encounter. Table 1 (See Full Newsletter) indicates some of the questions they were asked and how they responded to those questions. Thirteen students attended the series, but the responses reflect the thoughts of 7 of the 9 available to complete the survey on the final day of the workshop. While these questions and feedback may not qualify as official research data, they do provide us with a window for understanding our students' needs and desires.

We believe that the Study Enhancement Series was a success and that the students will carry the principles they have learnt with them for a long time. It is my hope that with growing volunteer, alumni, parent, staff, and administrative involvement the series will grow to include our entire student population. Please feel free to contact us via telephone or email to partner with us in helping our students to become their best S.E.L.V.E.S.. Thank you and let us continue doing our part to restore the image of God in our boys and girls.

By Dr. Eldon Blackman, Teacher, Seventh-Day Adventist Secondary School 

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