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Words of Hope

The Most Precious Gift (by Christopher Blackwood)

The Most Precious Gift

All of us human beings love to get a gift - especially on our birthday. There is something about getting a gift that makes us feel special. For some of us, it is not only that we received a gift, but it is also about the type of gift that we received. For some, if the gift is expensive it provides an indication of how the person who gave us the gift, feels or thinks about us. For other individuals, it doesn’t matter what kind of gift they received. The fact that they received a gift was sufficient; and they drew the conclusion that they are special to the giver of the gift, because the giver didn’t have to give them a gift at all.
Take a moment to think about the MOST IMPORTANT and EXPENSIVE GIFT you have ever received from anyone. Do you remember how you felt when you received that gift? Do you remember what you said to the giver of the gift? Do you remember what you did with the gift? I can just imagine the emotions that are flooding through your mind right now as you remember all that was going on when you received that gift.

As you take some time to reflect on that expensive gift, the Lord wants to remind you of a gift that He has given to you long before you came into this earth. After Adam and Eve sinned, in Genesis 3:15, God promised that He would make a way to reconcile sinful human beings who were destined to be separated from God for eternity. Four thousand years after making this promise to Adam and Eve, that He would grant them the gift of Eternal Life, Jesus came to this earth and completed the first part of the provision of this gift. All human beings are awaiting the completion of the second part of this gift, which is the second coming of Jesus. In Rev. 3:11, God is reminding us that He is coming quickly to complete the promise that He made to Adam and Eve in Gen. 3:15.
In this text, we see God giving us a word of caution. Here God is telling us to be careful that someone doesn’t rob us of this gift of eternal life, that He has already given to all those who accept Him as their Lord and Saviour. You see my friend, Satan working through his human agents, can place obstacles in our way to pull us away from God. He may choose to use financial difficulties as the strategy to entice us to give up on God. He may choose to use the attitude and behaviour of family members, classmates, co-workers, church members and total strangers to frustrate us to the point where we give up on God. Satan is walking around as a roaring lion with ONLY ONE OBJECTIVE… to ROB human beings of the gift of eternal life. 

It is my prayer that you will continue to surrender every single area of your life to the total control of the Holy Spirit, so that Satan will not be able to steal the crown of righteousness that God has in store for you. Please continue to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, so that you will not become distracted by the fiery darts that Satan will place before you today.

Through The Storm (by Lee Ann Brancker)

Through The Storm

How long, O Lord,  must I struggle and fight?
This darkness is suffocating and I long to see light. 
It seems I've been forever in this pit of despair
But I'll keep holding on because You promised You'll be near. 

This test is my storm that You have allowed,
Give me strength to endure as the enemy prowls.
In this place of my preparation for what You have planned
Keep my eyes fixed on You, for You know where I'll land. 

Though it's hard to keep going, this one thing I know
Because of Calvary,  the enemy is a defeated foe.
So I'll trust You and keep praising as You sustain me, 
Until out of the darkness the way You show I'll see. 

KJV Psalms 23:4
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Stuck on the Verge (by Katie Riley)

It feels like just yesterday that the new year began and yet it is already the last day of January. Just yesterday everyone was doing the usual thing that many of us do at the beginning of a new year: wishing each other every good blessing for the year to come, making resolutions, setting goals, making plans and looking forward to change.

The Power of a Name (by Kelly Henry)

What is your name? What does it mean? Do you live up to the dictates of your name? Do you know there is power in a name?

Choose Hope (by Cheryl Grogan)

Every October, people all over the world show their support for persons affected by breast cancer.

Do You Believe in Miracles? (by Lee Ann Brancker)

Miracles can be seen as: - Marvelous manifestations of the power of God. - Incredible interventions of a divine nature in human affairs. - Extraordinary events occurring when God steps in. - Supernatural signs that can only have come from God. God’s Word is filled with such events that have been recorded for our benefit to encourage us in our Christian walk

Victory in Jesus (by Cheryl Grogan)

On Tuesday, May 17th the world focused on Hypertension or High Blood Pressure as it is known.

World Asthma Day (by Cheryl Grogan)

World Asthma Day will be celebrated on May 3, 2022 with the aim of increasing awareness on how to control this respiratory problem and other allergic diseases.

Clear The Stage(By Jamal Yearwood)

Clear the stage! Remove the distractions. Think about it, just what is the point of having a mic in your hand if you only exalt yourself? Must your words not to reflect and proclaim God and His kingdom?

Sing a Song Unto the Lord (by Jamal Yearwood)

I sought the Lord; the great I Am. God Almighty, He reigns - there's nobody like You Lord! The victory belongs to Jesus; I am not alone! Surely goodness and mercy (which is the Lord) covers me, I need You! What a friend we have in Jesus, He will cover us in nothing but the blood (which is His own)!